Some files losing their display order in 2-page horizontal reader

I have some files where I can pretty easily reproduce the following behaviour:

  1. Read file in 2-page reader, right-to-left mode

  2. Close reader, then reopen file (or open another file in the meantime, it doesn’t seem to matter)

  3. File returns to the same page as was open before, but with the pages opened in the wrong order. The lower-numbered page is shown on the left, higher-numbered on the right. Swipes (page turns) also follow the behaviour of the left-to-right mode. Tapping on the preview still shows the correct (right-to-left) page order and grouping.

  4. Tapping “reverse reading direction” ONCE: Advances the page by one single page (that is, a half a page turn) and changes the preview mode to left-to-right.

  5. Tapping “reverse reading direction” AGAIN: Puts everything back to the same way it was when I closed it in Step 2.

It doesn’t happen on all files, though, but on those that do, it happens consistently.

I mailed a while back but never got a reply, so example files and a video are in there if you still have the mail, but I can send it again if you need it.

(I’m not complaining about not getting a reply before, by the way – I think you guys must work on Panels between working on other projects or something, which makes sense – I just figured I’d ask again because you seem to be on a development push for Panels at the moment)


Thanks @awh

Sorry for not getting back to you by email. It must have fell through the cracks :sweat:

I think you guys must work on Panels between working on other projects or something

Actually, we work on Panels in our spare time when our real-life job allows us :joy:

About the 2-page reader bug. We will look into it. This reader has been giving us problems for months, and we’ve been trying to patch it many times but there are some fundamental things (related to the page-grouping logic) that are not working.

We plan to start working on the readers very soon. We plan to rewrite them with the 2-page reader in mind because the 2-page reader was an afterthought, and things are not really designed to work that way.

Bear with us while we do it. This bug might be present for a while, sorry :pray: But it will get fixed with the re-write.