Solved - Panels 2.8.5 crash at launch

Since panels update today on 2.8.5 on my ipad iOS 14.8 , it is not possible to launch the aplication. I see the panels logo, then after a few seconds, the application closes by itself
On iPhone iOS 15, it crash too at launch
Thanks for help

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Same here. Updated Panels on iPadOS 15 and now it crashes at the logo screen.

apostore has just proposed a new update of version 2.8.6 I can launch the application again ok iPhone iOS 15

Support Info:
Version: 2.8.6 Build: 202109251713 Env: Production

Thanks for fix

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The bug was caused by an incorrect validation of the purchase. We tested the app on Testflight and Debug on the simulator, but in-app purchases work differently in these environments. Actually, on Testflight we have the in-app purchases disabled to avoid testers’ confusion with their purchases in production.

That made the app work just fine and we didn’t catch the bug. :sweat: apologies for this.

A user contacted us on Twitter 5 minutes after the release and we found the issue very quickly.

10 mins later a new build (2.8.6) was already sent to Apple’s review. Fortunately, it didn’t take much to get it approved and we could release the fix.

The bug was in production for around 2 hours, and according to our metrics, 49 users were affected.

We are looking into design a better testing procedure to ensure the in-app purchases are not causing crashes in the future.

Again, sorry for the downtime and thank you for the reports and patience :heart: