Small but annoying bug

Hi! When swiping to turn pages, I often swipe slightly down and to the left, instead of straight left, and for whatever reason this slight diagonal swipe causes two pages to be turned instead of one and I keep having to back up one page. I realize that I could be more careful, or I could tap instead of swiping, but the page-turn motion is very natural when I’m absorbed in a comic - and when you pass your thumb across the page it naturally arcs down as is moves left. Since there’s never an instance where one would want to skip a page, I’m hoping you might look into this and eliminate the problem in a future release. Thanks, Joe Cunningham

Hi @joecunningham

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. It is clearly a bug. I totally understand what you mean by swiping slightly down, we all do it and as you said the app should not turn two pages. I have added it to our list of bugs and hopefully it should be fixed soon.