Skipping to next comic

I’m using Panels Premium 2.11.1 on an iPad running IOS. When I get to the last page of a comic, is there any way to skip to the next comic in my library other than by returning to the library page and selecting it? If not, could I ask for this feature in a future release?

Press “Continue reading” below that.

I don’t see that option. The only option I see is “return to Library”

Unless there’s some weird bug it should be there. The only time it’s not there is when you finish reading the last comic in the collection.

What iPad?
What iOS?

Ah, maybe that’s the problem. I’m talking about single issues not in collections. It would be nice to have the option to go to the next unread issue in the library not necessarily in a collection.

This was my a comment of mine too. While there are certainly comics that are read sequentially without any crossing over, many events are best experienced in read lists that jump from title to title. Even in a fully sync’d read list, there is no “Continue Reading” option.