Seeing folders icons instead of comic cover image

So my kid got a hold of the iPad and went nuts…

Comic folders (folder view) are no longer showing the cover image from the first issue when accessing a codex library hosted locally.

Anything I can do to bring back the cover images instead of seeing a bunch of generic folder icons?


Can you create a test account for us so we can inspect the OPDS feed? If you can send us the feed instead, that also works.

Will do, I’ll DM the info shortly.

Thanks again!

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Hey Dani -

How do I send you a direct message for your eyes only?

I just sent you one. But if you tap on my avatar, you should see a “Message” button. :wink:

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Ok, I’ve found the issue.

It turns out that Codex returns the image URLs in a way that is technically not part of the OPDS 1.2 specs. We used to support that, but Komga’s creator explained it’s not part of the official specs. We decided to remove the support without knowing Codex used that approach. That’s why the thumbnails stopped showing up.

Given that it doesn’t affect the rest of the servers, and it’s an addition to the specs, we have decided to bring it back so Codex works correctly.

We will try getting thumbnail support for folders into the OPDS 2.0 spec, which is currently a Draft.

Bottom line: the next version of Panels will bring back the thumbnails on Codex folders.


Boom, thanks D!

Follow up: Would that next version be Panels 3 or Panels 2.x?


It’s currently waiting for Apple’s review. It should be out within the next 24h :crossed_fingers:

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Installed 2.15.3

Confirming fix worked. Codex server Images are now displaying in Panels library.

Thank you!!

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Amazing! thanks for confirming :black_heart:

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