Search Freeze and other things

Hi! Whenever attempt to use the search it seems to freeze and I’ve always thought it was frozen and I would force quit to resume using the app. Further investigation has revealed that the app is not frozen but becomes extremely laggy. Type characters into the search field and it takes 50 seconds for them to even become visible and for the results to appear.

This has remained an issue despite multiple updates so I’m thinking it might have something to do with my particular case. I’m running a 12.9" 2018 iPad Pro with 896GB of it’s 1TB of space being used by Panels. The device itself is not absolutely full, but it’s getting pretty close. I don’t know if this would cause the issue, but i thought I’d mention it.

Also, I am experiencing a consistent crash when dragging a comic to the last position in a collection, and this happens constantly as I keep mine in numerical order and am always putting the most recent issue of a given title at the end. This crash is very consistent. I’ve learned to work around this by putting a new comic in the second to the last spot and then move the last one back a step so I can get the right reading order.


  • Joe

Thanks, Joe!

We’ll look into both things.

I have the same issue of search either freezing or being extremely lagging when you’re typing in the field. I’m using IPhone X. I thought it might something to do with the big size of library. It was super fast a few months back but something happened after version update (I cannot recall after which one though).