Scrolling through the library is incredibly laggy after Update 2.0.3

After updating to today’s version of 2.0.3, vertical scrolling on the Library is very very laggy, freezing every time I try to swipe in either direction.

Using an iPad 5th Generation, on iOS 13.6

Hi @GreedoShotLast. could you share with us your Library configuration? A screenshot of the Library settings would do. Also, could you let us know how many comics are appearing in that collection/main library? (not on screen, but in total)

Here are the settings I have for the library.

As for how many comics there are in the Library, I have about 339 comics.

I have the same detail with the library although my configuration is different and since I have several collections the number of comics I have varies, but the maximum is 66 that I have in one.

Thanks both for the reply.

We are pretty sure the problem is the “Show full covers” option.

That option shows the entire covers in their original aspect ratio. Meaning that every single cover can have a different aspect ratio.
In order to build a layout like that, we have to pre-calculate the size before presenting them on screen, and compose the layout geometry.

We’re pretty sure this calculation is causing the performance drop.

Yesterday we completely revamped how and when the covers geometry is calculated and, according to our measurements, we should be hitting 60 fps on most of the devices.

A new 2.0.4 build was sent to review last night and we are waiting for Apple’s review.

In the meantime, the only work around is to disable “Show full covers”. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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2.0.4 has been released. You should find it in the AppStore already.
Could you install it and let us know if the scroll performance improved?

If I just tried it and it does not feel as much lag as the previous version, but I also personally feel that when one arrives at the beginning of the title of the collection I feel that it takes a while, instead when I deactivate “Show full covers” it feels lighter … maybe as you say it is because the images have different sizes so this happens, but in general it is not as much as version 2.0.3 I improve something, well from my point of view :sweat_smile: I do not know what other users would think .

In any case, thank you very much for the update, the effort put into the application is highly valued. :blush: :+1: :raised_hands:

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I installed Update 2.0.4 and it’s smooth as butter now. Thank you! I’ll keep an eye out for any other bugs I may find, and I’ll report them ASAP. :smile:

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