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So, this started to happen to me when I updated my IOS 12 to 13, every time I swipe up and click “Save Image” Panels crash.

Hello @Lgndrop
Thank you for letting us know. We are currently working on an iOS13 version of Panels that will only include bug fixings (like this one).
We really appreciate this feedback. Please do not hesitate to send us anything else you might find.

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Hello again @Lgndrop
I have just realized what the problem is. Basically, the first time Panels (or any other app) needs to save an image, it asks for permission. My guess is that by mistake you did not grant permission for Panels to save images and this is why it is crashing (I have just reproduced it 100%). Panels shouldn’t be crashing in this scenario (we will fix this), but for now, you can go to Settings -> Privacy -> Photos and change Never to Add Photos only. This should fix it.
Please let me know if the problem persists