Request for new feature

I use panels to read JoJo’s bizarre adventure. Most of the series starts at the beginning of the manga.( I skipped part 3-5 because I had already watched the anime and couldn’t wait to read the parts that I haven’t experienced yet). But, I currently I’m reading part 6 and it starts at the end of the manga instead of the beginning. I don’t know if it’s formatted incorrectly where I downloaded it from. But, I’d like to see a feature where I can flip instantly to the last page because right now I have to do it manually and that causes the app to crash multiple times before I get to the right page.Other then that this app is perfect! Thank you!

Hello @zoobidoobiedoo_69
I am not sure if I understood correctly… Does the manga mode in panels not work for you?

So for me when I open my manga it starts at the end instead of the start of the manga. Changing the reading direction doesn’t affect where it starts.

Could you send us one of those manga files via email or DM? Sounds like the file might have the pages inverted already.