Request for a new feature

So, before discovering Panels, I used Manga Storm to read my comics. I loved it because you would upload your comics from websites (such as but the thing with Manga Storm is the UI and organisation on the app are not very good which is why I switched to Panels. The thing is, as someone who doesn’t have very much storage, I miss the website integration and I would love to see that on Panels. Would that even be possible in the future or am I wishful thinking?

Hey @ellismjones

We are planning to add new import method based on a web browser. As we don’t endorse piracy and neither we have the rights to distribute content, we won’t be offering a pre-loaded list of websites. But you’ll be able to type any URL and save them as bookmarks.

We are planning to implement this feature in the upcoming months.

I hope this might do the trick for you :crossed_fingers:

very late reply but i would love something like this! can’t wait for future updates! :slight_smile: