Relatively Large Library 82gb Wont Scroll iOS 16

It was working properly on iOS 15 earlier this morning. Now it would freeze then skip depending on how much you scrolled.

Could you send us some debug data from the app? :pray:
Go to Settings in the app and Tap + hold on “Email Us”. Panels will compile information about the library structure and attach it to the email.

We will investigate.

I have a similar amount of data on my iPad, and the app scrolls smoothly. Maybe the issue appears with a particular folder structure.

Looking forward to that data.

To clarify this is 1 of my 4 iPads and the one with the smallest data. This is also the only iPad I upgraded to iPad OS 16. All my other ones are being held back because of problems such as this. Ironically this is the one the contains my pull list so I can’t read my current comics. I will send this immediately. FYI, factory restoring the app doesn’t work.

Interesting :thinking:

I haven’t updated my iPad to iOS 16 yet, but we haven’t found any problems in the simulator.

I’ll update mine today and try to reproduce the issue. Thanks!!

App is still broken and unusable.

We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem. I’m using an iPad Pro 11” 1st gen from 4 years ago running iOS 16.1 and a library of 78GB and the app works just fine.

Have you sent us the debug data I mentioned? We haven’t received any recent email from you.

Please, send us that data so we can continue investing

I don’t know why it sends differently now I tried sending it and it sent its via my iCloud or .mac address and I can’t change it to the registered email like from before. I will try to send it again later. FYI, my other iPads are still on iOS 14 and 15. Panels is working perfectly there. Granted I’m signed in on 3 iCloud accounts but the two iPads sharing an iCloud account have different experiences. The one on iOS 16 has a broken library but can import but getting to the sidebar menu is a struggle unless the Library tab isn’t open.

I have a large library, I found if I made individual folders for each series or company, it worked better as it seems to have problems reading large libraries all on one page. I wish I could further subdivide within folders, but never figured out how to do that.

We are working on this.

Keep an eye on Testflight. Soon we will release another build with improvements in that regard.