Reading Progress resetting

The app is continually resetting the reading progress for any titles read in the last two weeks or so. It has saved the reading progress for issues prior to the timeframe, but resets anything started since. I have no idea what is going on.

@dani I have tried everything I know how to fix this. I sent support a screen recording of the bug in action and the support identifier. Is there anything else I can do to fix this?

Hey @Chas, still no updates sorry. We haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on our end and we are still investigating what could it be.

We are planning to release a new version that adds the option to disable the reading sessions synchronization.
Once we release it, we’ll ask you to disable it to see if the problem has something to do with the synchronization.

Hey @Chas

Quick update: we just changed something on our backend that might do the trick. Could you give it a try and let us know if the progress is stored correctly now? :crossed_fingers:

Whatever y’all changed fixed it. I really appreciate it guys!! The app is awesome and the support y’all provide is unparalleled. Keep it up!

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Yas!!! :raised_hands:

Here’s what happened:

We use Google Firebase to run our backend. Whenever you save your reading progress locally, the app sends the change to the backend.
After every update of a reading session, we also update a record on your account profile with the last time you had reading progress synced.
Turns out this function was loading the whole list of reading sessions in memory every time.

It turns out that you have a couple of thousands of reading sessions in our database, and loading them in memory exceeded Firebase’s limit. Hence Firebase was rejecting the update in the database.
Additionally, the app is not reacting correctly to that scenario and was deleting the local session :sweat:

We fixed it on the backend side and now Firebase processes your updates correctly.

The next version of Panels will improve the error handling in that area to avoid deleting the local session if the backend rejects the update.

This was only affecting users with thousands of reading sessions. Our most loyal users really :pray: :heart: Sorry for the annoyance and patience.

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It’s all good! Thank you for being super transparent about these hiccups! Y’all rock! Keep up the good work!

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