Reading Progress not tracking OPDS streams?


I’m streaming manga via Komga’s OPDS connection using IP:Port. It used to track the reading progress but doesn’t track the currently read manga anymore.

Edit: Seems to be working now.
Edit2: Seems to be inconsistent. Now it doesn’t track.


This thread might clarify

We don’t have official support for reading progress syncing. We want to add support using Komga’s API in the future. But for now, reading progress sync shouldn’t be expected to work.

We know that Komga supports the markread parameter to track the reading progress on the server side. If you add it to your host URL, Panels uses it and sends the parameter on every page request. But we can’t guarantee it works because it’s a server-side feature.

I hope it makes sense

Sorry, to clarify I mean the “Reading Now” pane in the Panels app. Typically it tracks the comic or manga being read or recently read. It seems to track manga being read over the OPDS connection inconsistently. Sometimes I’ll quit the app and my last read page doesn’t show up. Other times it appears or it shows an older chapter.