Reading Now doesn’t update

I’ve started a few books but it still shows the same one from a few weeks ago. I’d like an option to say how many books to see.

On the Finished list, I’d like to be able to clear it. When I delete a book it adds an older book.

Thank you for your consideration. It is a great app!


Hello @Comix4Sale
I think that’s a great idea.

About comics not appearing in reading now… that is weird. A comic appears on reading now after opening it for more than 30 seconds and be at least in page 2. If you are still having this issue please let us know and we will investigate further.

About the finished list, you can go to settings, reading now, hide finished titles. Or you can long press on a single comic and hide it (this action will hide it form Finished but it will still be available on the main library).