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Hi, Panels doesn’t seem to be reading the ComicInfo.xml file that I have in most of my comics. Is there another way to pass metadata to the application? If there isn’t, please consider adding it to the roadmap. It’s not really critical, but would be a nice way to create collections automatically. Thanks!

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We don’t support any kind of metadata at the moment, but it’s already in our roadmap :+1:

I’d also like to see metadata support with some kind of “smart collection” support to group comics by publisher, title, etc.


How’s this roadmap looking? I can’t find any decent documentation for the Panels app anywhere? Do you support metadata yet? Thanks.

We don’t offer metadata support yet. For now, we are focused on improving and adding features as a comic reader. It’s still on the roadmap but we’ve given other things more priority.

Our plan is to support the commonly used tagging standards (ComicRack, ComicBookLover, …). We don’t have plans for defining our own, so no documentation will be required.

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Hi, is there any update on this?

No much to update unfortunately. It’s still on our list but very low in priority. We are focused on other things for now.

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I totally understand that this is not a priority, but I have a small suggestion that could be useful to OPDS users : it seems that when downloading a cbz from Calibre, Panels do not follow the naming convention sent by the OPDS server and just use “title.cbz” as a filename. The main issue is that considering that plenty of comicbooks have a real title, you end with plenty of files with no coherent organization once you sync the content.

Would it be possible in the case of OPDS servers to take in account some metadata ?
The best way would be to have something like {series}{series_index} : {title} as a filename, because it would allow us to have the comics properly sorted while keeping the titles and without relying on metadata directly in Panels.

I don’t know if I’m easily understood here but after setting up my whole comic collection and importing 30 volumes, I was really disappointed when I saw that everything was mixed and did not follow the order that is properly tagged in Calibre. :confused:

@Tapsibaba I’ve just created a new thread to continue the separate discussion about Calibre file naming

Came here to ask for this feature. I’ve been a longtime Chunky user and it’s had that ability for quite a while.

Using metadata for both an info panel with issue details as well as the possibility to search, sort, and organize with it would be great.

(With the new Substack connection, it seems like it would be even more useful!)