Read next button and Scrollbar in the Library

I would find it rather comfortable to have a read next button at the end of EACH comic, even if the next comic has no connection whatsoever to the previous one. Simply open the next one in the Library.
Additionally in very large Librarys it is a bit clumsy to get to the end of the Alphabet. For example, i have some files sorted under „Z“ and it would make things much easier to pull the finger down on the edge of the screen than to flick my finger about 30 times to get to the bottom of the list. On the other hand I really like the improvements you‘ve made in the past year.

Thank you for all the feedback @Taunide

I think it all makes sense. Adding the “read next” feature for each comic might not work for everyone, but I’m more than happy to add an option in settings to enable that feature.

About the scroll, makes total sense :+1:

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Please also make some option to get rid of “Continue Reading” text button.