Questions / Ideas

First up, absolutely loving Panels - long time Chunky user, and this is the first comic reader I’ve used that surpasses it.

Mainly, the Vertical Scroll is a game changer for me. Felt weird at first, but now I can’t go back.


  • Is it possible to automatically load the next issue, or have a UI option to return to the collection at the end? It currently feels strange to have to tap, then select the collection, then tap the next issue. (Having an option to remove that comic from the device at the end would be a great option as well)

  • Is there a way to show which issues in your collection that have been started or finished? Right now everything has the same visual appearance, and sometimes it’s hard to find where you left off in a series if you jump around between multiple comics. Maybe adding an icon, or graying out the cover, or a percentage somewhere on the cover?

Thanks again for your hard work, this is great stuff!

Thank you for your kind words, it is great to hear you are enjoying the app :slight_smile:

About your points:

  1. We already have the option to continue reading (when you open a comic from a inside a collection we will suggest you the next one once you finish). However, this is only working in the default reading mode at the moment. We added the other reading modes recently and we still have a few things to polish. We believe continue reading is a very important feature, which means that hopefully we can have it implemented it for all reading modes very soon.
    We do not offer the possibility to delete the finished comic though… this is an interesting point, thank you for your suggestion.

  2. You can enable “show reading progress” inside settings - library. This will add a small bar at the bottom of the ongoing/finished comics. You can also turn on list mode (drag down the library to reveal the search bar and tap the button on the right). List mode shows always the %.

I hope this answer your questions. Good to have you in the community, don’t hesitate to post any other suggestions you may have.

Fantastic, thanks for the info - have no idea how I missed the progress bar, it helps a ton. :slight_smile: