Progress of reading

Hello, the Progress of reading is not working well some files are unmarked alone despite having read everything or when I finish reading it is not marked full I don’t know if I will be the only one with that problem, please fix that. Thanks for all the work on the application, I liked the panel labs option.

Hello @RenKiriyama16
Which kind of reader are you using? Is it the vertical one? We had some issues with it but I thought I fixed them.

I also have this problem. I use one iPad and I usually read in vertical mode.

An apology for replying so late, I lost the account password and I have no choice but to reset it.

The “adjust to orientation” I put it from right to left and when I finish reading a manga in this case, it comes out as 90% or 85% read. Other times it is marked as finished and when I leave the application for a while and go back in, the chapter is unmarked as if I had not read it.

Regarding the vertical one sometimes does not mark one or another chapter when I read several chapters followed by a comic or manga, but it does not happen to me so often.

Again sorry for the late response and thanks for all the work you do for the application.

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Noted, thank you for the detailed explanation.

We will take a look and hopefully fix it for the next version.

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I also have the same issue. I use the Adjust to orientation mode. It doesn’t record my progress when I’m viewing horizontally.