Problem with files imported from NAS when not on the network

I’ve added quite a few comics stored on my NAS, by going to Library -> + -> “Import from Files” -> Shared -> -> selecting the files and clicking on Open. It appears to download the files (all of them at once, I suspect), and then one by one add them to the library (or a collection, depending on what I choose). If I then open the files while connected to my home network, they open, and quite quickly, but if I try to open them with Wi-Fi disabled or on a different network, the UI hangs for a while, and then the app exits (sometimes rather quickly, sometimes after ~90 seconds), leaving me back at the home screen.

If I use the Files app directly to copy them somewhere “On my iPad”, and I import them from there, it works perfectly. If I then delete them from “On my iPad”, I can still view them in panels, suggesting that they were properly fully imported into Panels’ storage, and the originals are not being accessed at all.

Does this work for anyone else?

I have an iPad Air 2, running iOS version 14.0.1. Panels is version 2.1.6, build 202010101910.

Hi @mikeage

The “Import from Files” component is a system intent, and we don’t have any control over it. Based on your explanation, it looks like it’s hanging within the component, not the app. I’m unsure we can do anything about it. Nevertheless, I’ll try to reproduce the problem and see if we can write a work-around for it.

About the second part. You’re totally right. Panels copy the files into the app sandbox. Even if you delete the original files, they’ll still appear in Panels.

Sorry, I might not have been completely clear. The import works (generally – sometimes it has issues with a few hundred MB file), but after the files are imported, I cannot open them if I’m not on my home wifi, even though they appear to have been copied into the app’s storage.

Are you talking about how the files will be stuck in inbox and can’t be imported. Like you select a comic and hit import and it does nothing? Cause I have that issue

No, I haven’t seen that. I have seen it hang on the file selection screen, but in the main problem I’m describing here, the import succeeds, and the files are fully usable, but only on my home network.

When importing really large files, I’ve found it easier to copy them using “Files” to my iPad first, then import, then delete. That also avoids this issue completely, but is annoying :wink:

Sorry for nagging, but were you able to look at the hang when opening a file previously imported? (not during the import)