Problem when linking comics to other collections

I’m having an issue when trying to link comics to other collection. I first select the comics I want to link, then I go to the collection i want to link to and press the option to “Link Here” and the link is created. But when I go out of that collection the links have gone. I look in the panels folder in the iPadOS files app and the links appear there but not in the app. I have to delete the links in the files app before trying again but I experience the same result. I want to link my comics to other collections instead of duplicating the comic to save wasting space on my iPad. I am new to the Panels app and am thinking of migrating over from Chunky Comic Reader, because I like the ability to sort my collection more completely, so if this could be fixed it would be a big incentive.

Thanks for the feedback! We are aware of this problem.

Currently, we are creating the links using Apple’s APIs to generate symbolic links, but it looks like they are not very reliable in iOS. They probably work better on macOS.
We have tried creating symlinks and MacOS alias. But they seem to break as soon as iOS changes the app sandbox identifier.
They disappear from the app because the app is unable to resolve the original file.

We wanted to use this solution so the links would work in Panels and also in macOS if you move the folder out of the device.
We are planning to rewrite that feature and implement our own solution. Unfortunately, this means those link files won’t work in macOS’ Finder :sweat: But, at least, they will work reliably in Panels.

It will take a couple of weeks until we can make this change. Bear with us until then :pray: