Problem for Indian subscribers

I am a Panels user from India, I am absolutely enamored by the quality of the app and the ease of use since I downloaded it this September. However, I wished to make a one time “Unlock Premium” purchase of INR 699 as shown in the screenshot. The option to “Unlock Premium” is not visible inside the app, only the monthly and yearly subscriptions are shown.

I really wish to support the Panels app, so I would be greatly obliged if you assisted me regarding this issue.

Hi @kruziturcken, despite what appears on the AppStore preview, that in-app purchase is not available anymore. It appears in that list because it, technically, exists for backward compatibility. But only the monthly and yearly subscriptions are available for now.

Hi @dani, thanks for replying. Is there any chance of introducing the option of a one-time payment (even a large one) at a later stage for users who wish to support the app?

Regards. :blush:

It’s something we might consider in the future, but it all depends on how people respond to the subscription model. The plan has never been earning more money for the sake of it. But to make Panels’ development sustainable over time. We’ve reached a point where a single $9 purchase is not sustainable for us, considering the amount of work we need to put into the app.
The subscription model will help us understand if there’s really a place for Panels in the market.

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