Premium account reset

I was a premium member. I imported most of my comics using google drive which is a premium feature. I also have multiple collections well beyond the free limit. However, recently I’ve been downgraded to the free version somehow. I tried to restore purchases but it says no purchases available. All the premium feature are unavailable. Any help?

I’ve had this happen to me as well a few times. The devs with get back to you and will help you fix this for sure. They are pretty busy but they will help.

Are you testing the beta? It’s done this to me before usually hitting restore purchases fixes it. If your not in the beta see if joining it does fix it.

If you are in the beta, you have to “buy” the premium again. But it is a fictional purchase, you won’t be charged. Don’t worry about charges warning. I repeat: IF you are in the BETA.

Honestly not sure if it was beta back then. Is there a way to contact the devs or will they respond to this discussion. I might just buy it again

The devs will answer you here eventually. You can email them as well:

Hello everyone,

First of all sorry @Joseph_S but taking so long to answer you (I believe we answered you by email) and thank for all the replies ( @Usuario616 @Greg @Impulse1up ).
iOS13 was worse than we thought and we are tying to fix and release a new version. One of the things that iOS13 did was reset premium accounts, and we are very sorry for it.

There is a very simple fix which is to restore purchases. At the bottom of the “Become Premium” screen, tap restore purchases using the same apple ID as you used when purchasing Panels and Premium should be restored.

As @Usuario616 pointed out, if you are using the beta version you have to purchase premium again, but you won’t be charged.

Thank you for your patience.

PS: There are 2 things we want to do about this. The first one is to make “restore purchases” button more visible and also add it to the main settings screen. The second one is to automatically enable Premium in beta versions. Both of those things will be coming very soon.