Please make Panels for Mac a high priority

I read here that it’s on your roadmap, which is great, just a friendly reminder that there is pent-up demand for it. You guys get it and no one else seems to, which is precisely why I hope this happens in the near rather than distant future. When I imagine what Panels for MacOS might look like, I imagine an interface essentially the same as iOS Panels, but with the ability to toggle individual stacks (or files too) on or off to indicate that they should be added or removed from one’s iOS device. There would be a prominent “Sync” button. Like the old iTunes was for the old iPod.

Sure, the app would be useful to those who read on their computer, but for people who read on the go with their phones and for iPad people especially (for whom it’s the primary/only reader device) it would be a godsend of a hub for deciding what they want on-device to read in the near term. Using the finder for that is tedious and difficult, no matter how well organized you are because of the lack of cover art. Everything has to be quick-looked. (assigning Simple Comic to cbz/cbr files used to provide cover art finder icons, but that stopped awhile back (at least for me).

Hoping it happens soon,
Highest regards, Joe

Thanks @joecunningham !

Have you tried any of the OPDS servers we support? Like Komga or Kavita.

Even though the Mac is still on our roadmap, we don’t have a timeframe just yet. We first want to add support for iCloud and then rework the readers.
After that, the Mac app is our next big project. Which means it’s more of a long-term project.

As many of you know, we work on Panels on our spare time, and big projects like that take a lot of time.

OPDS? Komga? Kavita? Dude. You’re asking me to learn something new. After age 50, the capacity for that nosedives.


I can’t for the life of me get Kavita to work with Panels.

Is there a guide somewhere? The format that Kavita provides OPDS and the format that Panels consume OPDS do not seem to be the same/compatible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially as I’m currently on the 7 day trial before purchasing as I believe this is required for OPDS to work.

Kind regards,