Please an option to remove swipe transition animation

Hello Panels developers!
I quite like the app on iPad pro big screen. It’s an enjoyable smooth reading experience.
But please can you add an option to transition between pages immediately. Without having to swipe like photos . but just by tapping on the left or right sides of the screen?
Sometimes I want to transition fast while reading between pages . I like that option about Chunky app but I prefer the interface and options of Panels .

I hope you can add that option for people who want to disable transition effects.


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Sounds like something we could implement easily. Thanks for the feedback. I’m adding it to our roadmap.

Thanks for your reply. that would really great when we have this option. it annoys me to see the sliding animation when tapping every time.

Also when you implement this, please make it so that : double tapping to zoom- only works when tapping away from the active edges of the screen.
Meaning that; when you tap on the edges a bit quickly (to jump through pages) there will be no conflict with the ‘double tap zoom’ gesture.

I hope it makes sense!

Thanks a lot.

Quick follow up: this is now implemented in the latest version.

Thanks for the suggestion! :raised_hands:

So, can you guys make an option to disable it? I always liked to swipe to turn the page, and now when I double tap in a border to zoom I turn to the next page instead