Pdf watermarks

How do I convert .pdf to eliminate watermark on my books? I am amazed with how many problems like this that I’m having on my new iPad after zero issues using ComiCat on my Fire tablet.

Hello @FlavaDave
Which kinds of problems?
Also I am not sure I understand your question. You have your books in .pdf format with watermarks and want to remove them?

That is exactly it. They have the Marvel logo watermarked on them, whereas they weren’t on my Android tablet

“abracadabra” is what my son says to me when he shows me one of his new thingies he gets for his phone. to me it always looks like magic even though I know it isn’t.

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Panels doesn’t have any watermark removing feature whatsoever.

We’re not planning to implement something like that either.

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Thank you. Appreciate the clarity.