PDF’s causing app to crash

When scrolling through long pdf’s using the vertical scroll reading view the app appears to crash 100% of the time.

What can happen is the first page of the pdf’s load but subsequent pages appear black. If I scroll down enough and it’s back to back black pages or just stay in the pdf long enough the app crashes.

If I switch views to that of swiping left to right there is no problem.

Hi @Tech

Thanks for lettings us know. Could you share with us one of these files? It would be very useful to reproduce the problem.



I have this exact same problem. PDFs keep crashing here too.

Any fix coming up?


Hi @Herr_Nox

Same thing. Could you share the file or some of the files that is causing the app to crash with us?

Here’s one them: https://stephenbatchelorblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/crusade.pdf

That’s interesting :thinking: I was able to import that pdf no problem

Could you give us more information? What version of Panels are you using? What iOS version and device?

I tried it again just to be sure and it doesn’t work here. I see the first page but second page is black and 2 seconds later it crashes.

I’m on iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 12.4.6).

I use the Premium version of the app.
Support Info:
Version: 1.12.5 Build: 202004150017 Env: Production
Support Identifier:

I think I found a way to prevent crashes: I opened the file and left it on the cover page for about 10/15 seconds. I was able scroll slowly through the page.

It may have something to do with memory/file sizes/format and the fact that my iPhone is not very recent. Loading time seems slower for PDFs. But CBR files run smoothly without any issues.

Gotcha! must be a resources thing. We’ll try to reproduce the problem on a less powerful device.

Thanks for all the info @Herr_Nox

This is happening on my iphone 11 (the big one).

Always happens with larger pdf’s.

Having big problems recently with PDF comics and came here to report, seeing there is already a thread since Spring, which gives me some bad feeling that this will not be resolved very soon… argh! grrr! boinx!

To be more precise: It happens since I went from the last beta to the normal (current) release, as the beta expired and I had to. Before that everything was fine, but since then PDFs perform super badly:
Taking a lot of time to turn pages, making everything really slow in the reader, and at some point the app just crashes.

I am on iOS 14.2 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, so definitely not an issue of a slow old device. Also no memory problem here whatsoever, meaning still over 100 GB left.

I also tried to delete the PDFs from the app and import them again, but no change.

Hope you figure out a solution, guys…

Guess you guys have been busy with your new beta.
I just installed it and as it didn´t change the pdf issue (you never know), I converted all pdf files to cbz. Now it works, but I would have liked to spend my evening differently :wink:

All fine, guys… your work is much appreciated, great app that gets better and better! Keep it coming!

Hey @silberschwarz, could you send us one of those files to try to reproduce the problem?

I unfortunately deleted all the PDFs I had replaced by the CBZ versions I had converted them to, but I just tested another one I still have, and this one is doing the same after I try to open for reading in the app.
First it gets slow, swiping pages is laggy, and then it crashes the app back to iphone home screen.
Same which happened before already with every PDF from 10-100 MB size. Always laggy for a while, then crashing at some point.

Download the PDF here from my One Drive

We just released a new beta with some optimizations for PDF files.

Please, give it a try and let us know if PDF reading works better. I’ve tested it with the comic @silberschwarz shared with us and the new build consumes way less memory. (The crashes were caused by excessive memory consumption)

Thanks a lot for taking care of this, it works all fine again now!

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Im also experiencing this. Mostly all of my comics/manga are in PDF. When I’m using vertical scroll it always crashed and sometimes its hard to revert it because after the app was quit then re-open the manga/comics it crashed again. Also im on IOS 14.2 Iphone xs and using the latest version which is the 2.3.0

Hey @Astaroth would you care to give the beta a try? Hopefully it will solve the problem for you.

We are aiming to release it officially in the upcoming days. But if you give it a try, you can confirm the new fixes solved the crashes on your device :pray: