Pdf problem


When i open a pdf with panel sometime some pages are shuffle…

Did you have already this bug?

Hi @Koao

We are not aware of this. Does this happen with every pdf? always with the same?

If this happens with the same pdf consistently, it would be great to get a copy of it so we can analyse it.



Thank you for your answer. Tis is not happening with all pdf.

I will send you 3 pdf (3 french comic. I have originals): [redacted]

1/ The first one, I found it on internet.

2/ The second, I created it with my ipad (automatic pdf with finder option). Same problem than the first one. I added all .jpg I used to make it.

3/ The third one have no problems. BUT I found it on the same place than the first one.

All of this pdf work fine on other app.

On panel, the two first page are always good. The next 10 pages are not read on the good place.

Hope it will help you

Thanks @Koao ! this is really useful.

We’ll investigate the problem and fix it in the upcoming releases.

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Any news?
I see no difference with the last update

Hi @Koao

Sorry taking so long. This is still on our radar but we don’t have a fix yet.

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Hi @Koao

It took us more than we expected, but we think we’ve finally fixed this issue. We’ve just released a new 1.12.5 version that aims to fix this problem.

Please, let us know if it works for you.

Thank you so much for your patience.

It’s working now. Thx you. :wink:

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