Panels + / Panels 2 - Do I need both of these?

This is probably a dumb question, but I’ve been using Panels now for good while now, and I really love it. I have both the Panels+ subscription, and the Panels 2 lifetime purchase. Was just wondering if I need both or should I cancel the yearly subscription when the renewal comes up.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @x0rliu . First of all, thanks for your outstanding support :pray:

At this very moment, you don’t need the two. You should have seen a warning during purchasing one of the two, explaining that they are redundant. You won’t get any additional features by subscribing + purchasing Panels 2. The only difference is that once Panels + subscription finishes, you will keep all the current features unlocked forever because you purchased Panels 2.

Soon, we will release Panels 3 with a bunch of new features. These are not included in Panels 2, but they are in Panels+.

Panels + always unlocks all the features while the subscription is active. The one-off payment purchases unlock the features of each version. (v2, v3, … )

When we release Panels 3, you can purchase Panels 3 to get all the new features forever or subscribe to Panels + to unlock them while the subscription is active.

I hope that makes sense.
Let me know if something is unclear.

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Nope totally clear! Makes a lot of sense.

I actually purchased the year long subscription and the panels 2 one time fee, so I guess I’ll have both until the annual subscription runs out.

You guys make an awesome product! keep up the good work :slight_smile: