Panels newbie -- How do I stop the bottom page menu from popping up?

Hi, all!

I just got the app earlier tonight and I am figuring out the interface. I didn’t find any documentation on the main site so I came here.

It appears that the screen tap for moving to the next page is the same tap for opening up the bottom menu with the numbered pages. How do I turn off that feature? I’m getting frustrated by it.

Hey @Lade-Zal

Tapping on the center of the screen should pop the menu up. Tapping on the right/left thirds of the page should take you to the next/previous page.

It’s popped up when I’ve tapped the sides. My thumbs don’t reach that far from the sides of the iPad.

So, there’s no way to turn off the bottom menu pop-up?

There is no way to turn the menu pop-up off. Actually, if you turn it off, you might not be able to close the reader, unless you have the drag-to-close gesture enabled.

Can you explain how you hold your iPad?
I would like to understand how you use the app, because maybe we can improve the ergonomics, instead of simply disabling features.

Do you hold the iPad in portrait mode with your left hand? That’s why the other edge is hard to reach?
Panels allows customizing the side taps. Maybe you can configure your left edge to move right, that way you don’t have to reach the other side.

I hold it with one hand in portrait – I rarely read landscape comics – either from a sitting position, on my back, or tapping it from across the table or desk when it’s on a stand. I hold it with either hand.

I might have been pressing too hard – I tap with the thumb of the hand that’s holding it – and the iPad’s touchscreen interpreted it as a center tap. I have both sides set to turn to the next page with a tap and swipe right if I need to return to a previous page.

The bottom menu is popping up less and less the more I use it.

So these are the navigation areas in the reader. The space in the center pops the main menu up.

Maybe we could add some settings to customize how much screen the navigation areas should use. Effectively allowing you to reduce the menu active area. We won’t allow completely removing the menu area, because of what I explained earlier. But I’m happy with allowing reducing it to a narrower area at the center.

BTW, this area at the top also presents the menu.

Imagine a big T We could reduce the height of that one.

Maybe you are tapping the iPad closer to the top area. :thinking:

Bingo! That’s exactly what happened just now.

Thank you for the detailed information. I will endeavor to not tap on the top left or right and trigger the pop-up.

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying :heart:

We will think about improving the ergonomics. I think a setting to adjust the area makes sense.