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My apologies if this has been answered. I searched the community site but I could not find the information. I am interested in panels but I would like to pay a one time fee to use the premium features. I saw in one thread a user talk about purchasing Lifetime premium. When I go into the panels app I do not see the option. I just see the monthly subscription. Where is the Lifetime premium option and how much does it cost? Thank you for your help.


Hi @yamimizu832

What version of Panels do you have installed? The one-off payment option was added in 2.14.0.
It should appear below the subscriptions.
It costs $19.99 or the equivalent price in your local currency. But we launched it with a 25% off limited-time offer. For the next couple of weeks, it will cost $14.99.

It includes all the paid features in Panels v2 (the current version) and future updates until the next major version.

Mr. Dani,

Thank you for your reply. After uninstalling and reinstalling the Panel’s app I now see the subscription options. I’m unsure why my application would not update on my iPad but I am now on the latest version. Regarding Panels 2, I see that the one time purchase includes future updates until the next major version release. When new version releases occur will I be able to purchase again as a one time purchase fee? Also I am new to the application so I am unfamiliar with the update cycle. How frequently do major version changes occur? Thank you for your support.

When new version releases occur will I be able to purchase again as a one time purchase fee?

Correct, when we release Panels 3 we will release a new lifetime purchase along with it. Until then, all features will be included as Panels 2.

Also I am new to the application so I am unfamiliar with the update cycle. How frequently do major version changes occur?

We don’t know yet when Panels 3 will be released. Our idea is to increase major release each year. Panels 2 has been around for more than a year now. This case is a bit different because this is the first time we have introduced a lifetime purchase.
Regardless, when we release Panels 3 you don’t need to buy the new purchase if the features associated with it are not worth it to you. You will keep your Panels 2 features forever.

Mr. Victor,

Thank you for your response. Thank you for the insight into your anticipated development schedule. Panel’s seems to be a well thought out application and I am happy I found it. I have purchased the Lifetime subscription and enjoying the application.

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Hi, sorry to butt in but I would like to give my opinion on the lifetime option. Among the various subscription services I tried all of them offered the option to do the lifetime upgrade guaranteeing the same updates as the subscription plan forever, for a higher price. I don’t understand the point of doing a lifetime subscription until the next major update. Why would I want to pay for something that I know will no longer be updated? I know you are a very small team and have a huge workload, however I don’t find this choice very sensible, I personally was very enthusiastic about the idea of a lifetime option but after reading this I am no longer convinced I want to upgrade. Sorry to be so annoying, I hope you understand. :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your work and have a great day :smile:

Of course. We don’t think you are annoying, it should be cristal clear to understand what you pay for. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Maybe we are not being clear enough. If you pay for Panels 2, you pay for the features it includes (vertical reader, importers, etc., the full list in the new features list screen). You will keep them forever and we will continue to support and update them as long as Panels is available in the store.
By purchasing Panels 2, you will still benefit from all future updates and redesigns we release in future Panels updates.

When we release Panels 3, we will introduce new features. We haven’t decided yet which features will come but let’s say we introduce Mega importer. That new importer will be part of Panels 3 and if you want to have access to it, you can either buy Panels 3 lifetime (which will secure all Panels 3 new features forever) or pay for a subscription and have access to them until you cancel your subs (subscriptions always have access to everything).

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Hmm I still don’t quite understand how you are going to handle this. Will Panels 3 contain the same features as Panels 2 with some extras? Will there be 2 different and separate apps or will it still remain one app? Or maybe you were planning to make different subscription tiers?
Let’s take Mega importer as an example, if I buy Panels 2 now and then this feature comes out for Panels 3 how can I get it? Do I have to purchase the subscription, standard or lifetime, for Panels 3 or can I buy it separately for Panels 2?
I understand that it is still the early stages and there is probably no clear idea yet

Yes. When we release Panels 3, you will not be able to purchase Panels 2 anymore, just Panels 3. But Panels app will continue to be the same. Panels 3 will appear as a new purchase option.

One app. There will always be only 1 Panels app. This is beneficial for users since you can be sure bugs and other free features will keep coming to Panels. We always try to be up-to-date with iOS features (like widgets), so even if you decide only to purchase Panels 2 (not 3, 4, …), your Panels app will still get better and you will never lose access to the features you have purchased today.

No. Panels+ will always grant you access to all features.

If you buy Panels 2 today, and in the future there is one or more features you like included in Panels 3, you can:

  1. Purchase Panels 3 lifetime: which will give you lifetime access to all Panels 3 (and 2 and 1) features.
  2. Subscribe to Panels+: will give you access to all features as long as your subscription is active.

Ok very clear, thanks for the explanation. I hope this discussion can be useful to all those who had doubts like me :grin:

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One last thing, if I buy Panels 2 lifetime subscription now and then, when Panels 3 will be out, I like the new feature and I decide to buy Panels 3 lifetime, will there be a reduced price? Like some kind of “upgrade” between the 2 plans? Or will it always be a separate subscription? Thank you

I think it’s early to say but we’d like to do so, in some way or another.

We’ve always liked to show some appreciation to our early supporters. Some people paid once for Panels, 6+ years ago, and are still getting regular updates and new features.

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I can’t add much more to what @victor has already explained.
But thanks @pidrins for all your questions.
Even though we are super happy to clarify any doubt and listening feedback from you all, it’s clear that we still have a lot to improve in terms of communication.

We are trying to design a pricing/monetization model that is attractive and fair for all of you while making some money for the huge amount of work Panels require. We understand that many people don’t like subscriptions, so we brought this new model in. But finding a model that allows us to keep working on Panels is essential.
We all, as consumers, want to get the best possible product at the lowest price. I get that.
But as Victor just said, many people bought the first Panels Premium 6+ years ago for around $9, and have been getting new features and regular updates at no extra cost. And we are happy to have offered that, don’t get me wrong. But comic readers on iOS are a niche market. If we had millions of users, $1.5 per user, per year, would be totally fine. But unfortunately, it’s not remotely like that :sweat_smile: .

Hopefully, we can improve how we communicate the new pricing model works, and we can continue improving Panels and adding features that would make your purchase worthwhile.

Thank you all for the support.

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I 100% agree with everything you have said, especially with showing appreciation to early supporters. I didn’t want to sound like the classic user trying to get the top features by paying as little as possible, at first I did not fully understand how the various subscriptions work and I preferred to expose my doubts here on the forum.
I am very happy with Panels and I think it is the best comic/manga app out there, both in terms of features and user experience and that is exactly why I would like to try to support your work as best I can.
Had I discovered this app years ago I would have definitely subscribed right away! :wink:
Thank you so much for the kind replies and especially for listening to the community feedback, which is not a given lately. :blush:

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You absolutely did not :heart: sorry if my comment sounded like I was referring to yours. I meant in general.

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If i bought Panels pre subscription(previously backer status?), would i only get Panels 2 updates now or would i still get future major version updates such as Panels 3?

The previous Premium lifetime purchase is now Panels 2. Everyone will get the same updates regardless of the purchase, but new features released in Panels 3 will only be available for subscribers and Panels 3 purchasers.

Nonetheless, everyone will always benefit from updates to their purchased features. The purchases unlock features, not updates.
I hope that makes sense.

Ah i was hoping OG backers would be grandfathered into new features as well but i can understand why you don’t want that

We’ve been doing that for over 6 years. But It’s no longer sustainable for us. We have designed a model where no one will lose any of the purchased features. Actually, they will continue getting updates, fixes, and improvements for those at no cost. But we can’t continue developing new features for free.
I hope that makes sense.