Panels+ Lifetime - Family Sharing?

Greetings, and thanks for Panels! The new lifetime purchase option is pretty sweet, but does it support family sharing as the annual subscription did?

Thanks @astrobyte! We are glad you like it :heart:

Yes, it does!. All our in-app purchases support Family Sharing.

Thanks for this great app and the lifetime option I was waiting for a long time. I tried to add it to my girlfriend ipad (which is in my family) but it ask me to pay again. Is there any special option to do to allow the panel inapp sharing?

Had a similar issue, had the monthly subscription tried to share it and it prompted the person I tried to share it with to pay too.

Then I bought the lifetime version and it still didn’t allow me to share it, I managed to get it working once on another phone / account that was shared via family sharing after removing the app off their device and redownloading it but the other person in my family sharing couldn’t get it to work regardless of doing that and even after creating a new family as well.

I am suspecting it might have something to do with the fact the monthly subscription is still ‘active’ (cancelled but still have some time left on it) when I bought the lifetime version.

We are looking into this. Family Sharing is enabled, and it should work transparently. All of our purchases and subscriptions support Family Sharing, and according to Apple’s documentation, we don’t have to do anything on our end to support it. They handle everything automatically.

I’m trying to reproduce the problem.
We’ll keep you posted


Appreciate the response - was a blessing in disguise as I planned on buying the lifetime after the monthly sub ran out, this just prompted me to do it sooner lol. 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other and all that

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Has this been resolved? I just purchased the Panels+ Monthly with trial, and then went to the Panels 3 lifetime … but on my son’s iPad, only the Panels+ Monthly shows up when I hit “Restore purchases”.

Yep. It has always worked. Double-check that all the expected Apple accounts are correctly added to the family, and the subscriptiong/purchase is shared. All our subscriptions and In-app purchases allow Family Sharing.

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I have a question.
I downloaded it on my iPhone and I put a monthly plan on it and today I downloaded it on my iPad as well to read it more comfortably but with the same account the plan does not recognize me.
For what is this?
Thank you

Thanks. It looks like the issue is that the kid’s iPad first saw the monthly subscription and so is not yet recognizing (looking for?) the purchase.

I tried other kids’ devices on the family account and they all recognized both the subscription and the purchase.

I could probably delete and reinstall, but I suspect when subscription expires, it will recognize the purchase.

Great question. I haven’t tried that edge case, but I’m curious about it.

I’m pretty sure that when the subscription expires, it will be able to use the family-shared one. Reach us at otherwise.

Are you using the same Apple ID on both devices? If so, you can restore the purchase on the purchase screen. It should get activated automatically on all your devices after some time. But sometimes, iOS takes some time to sync the purchases across devices. The “Restore purchases” button forces iOS to sync the purchases immediately.