Panels is coming to Android

Hey Panels users!

Today is a very special day for Panels. We started this journey more than 5 years ago with one clear goal in mind: “Create the best comic reader for iOS”.

More and more, Panels and its community keeps growing and so is our vision for its future.

We have always longed for better ways to bring new content to our users. This is something we recently started to work on via our Substack integration. That integration marked the first time Panels’ users can import DRM free content directly from its source.

Today, we are announcing another big step for Panels, something that our users have been asking for since the very beginning. We always wished to make this happen.

We are thrilled to welcome to our community @tylos and @edwoollard, the 2 Android developers responsible for bringing Panels to Android.

@tylos has been working on the project for a while and @edwoollard has recently joined our team to help him take the project to the finish line.

We do not have a deadline for this project and we are aiming to release in early 2022. Panels Android will initially be limited in its capabilities, but its users will be able to enjoy Substack integration, Panels sync across devices and also read using our 2 most popular reading modes.

We hope you are as excited as we are, and you give Jorge and Ed a warm welcome.

PS. The illustration by Andrej Radisic can be found here.


Has there been an update on the android version??!

Unfortunately, this project is on hold at the moment.

We ran out of resources, and we’ve decided to focus on iOS/Mac which is our domain expertise.
We will revisit this decision in the future because we still want to bring Panels to Android. If we can design a viable project, we will resume it and try again.

I hope it makes sense.