Panels freezes

Hi there,

  • ipad pro 12" 5th gen
  • 45 G free space

was working before and since today nothing happens when attempting to open a cbr file. the list us still displayed still doesn’t show the comic after more than 60 seconds.

Some comics can be opened, others not anymore - they worked before (yesterday)

What should I do to further investigate?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @voko

could you share with us some of those files that makes the app freeze? send us a DM with a download link or attach them on an email to :pray:

We’ll investigate what can be causing the app to freeze.

Waited a day and the problem is gone. I was importing 18 cbr files with 1.57 GB total and the freeze happened about 20 minutes in reading the first imported comic.

Could it be that bigger imports may lead to this behavior?

Can’t reproduce the behavior anymore :relaxed:
Seems that simply waiting resolved it.

Will post an update here as soon as I see it happening again!

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Could it be that bigger imports may lead to this behavior?

it depends on the files :man_shrugging:
I haven’t had any problems, but maybe you’re importing bigger files than the ones I have IDK.

we’ll try to reproduce the problem using lots of heavy files at the same time.

Here’s my file list with sizes

87M file_01.cbr
91M file_02.cbr
87M file_03.cbr
84M file_04.cbr
78M file_05.cbr
80M file_06.cbr
95M file_07.cbr
84M file_08.cbr
99M file_09.cbr
94M file_10.cbr
84M file_11.cbr
76M file_12.cbr
75M file_13.cbr
75M file_14.cbr
69M file_15.cbr
68M file_16.cbr
84M file_17.cbr
85M file_18.cbr

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thanks! yeah. nothing out of the ordinary :man_shrugging:

I’ve tested Panels with multiple comics of ~500MB each and it worked just fine.

Will try to stress-test it again. Thanks for all the info though :raised_hands:

Hi @dani,
it happens again, what I didn’t mention yet: there are blank/black pages. I made a screen video.

how can I send you the file and the screen video via PM?