Panels black screen on launch on jailbroken iPad Pro 14.3

Haven’t used Panels for a few months and now when opening I get a quick ‘Panels’ logo splash screen, and then a black screen forever. If I reboot into a non-jailbroken state, Panels opens just fine.

Even my banking apps work while jailbroken, why not Panels? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @mistrjon.

Panels does not implement any anti-jailbreak measure whatsoever. We don’t even check if the app is running on the jailbroken device or not.
I have no idea what could be causing that issue and it’s quite hard for us to reproduce it.

Maybe a plugin is messing with the app? IDK.

Have you tried launching the app on a vanilla jailbroken state?

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Thanks @dani for confirming that. In that case, I’ll not bother you more about it and instead troubleshoot from a jailbreak perspective.

Looking forward to seeing all the new features since I last used it!

Not a bother at all. Let us know if you think we can help with anything, maybe clarifying how things are implemented or whatever.

Good luck with the troubleshooting

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Really appreciate your reply @dani. Narrowed it down to the tweak BetterMultitasking:

Uninstalled that and all is well!

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Nice :raised_hands: I’ll keep this in mind in case the same thing happens to someone else.

Thanks for sharing :heart:

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