Panels and Kavita structure

I just started using Kavita as OPDS server. Things are smooth but I’m not happy about the structure it has.m and wondering if there is something I can change?
I find my comics in the OPDS server All Libraries->”name of my library”. Here are all my comic series and when I go further into one of the series I find each release in that series, but to actually read them I need to go into each release and there I can actually open that comic. Why not make it possible to open every issue directly in the series folder?

It looks like that’s unfortunately how Kavita lays out its series. I think you’d have to take it up with them. In my opinion, Komga is a great comic server if you’re willing to switch. Its OPDS doesn’t separate each issue into a separate folder. I personally keep Kavita for e-books and Komga for comics.

Thanks for the reply! Ok, I will try Komga first😊

Thanks for chiming in @Raven

Yeah, I don’t have much else to add. It’s how Kavita’s OPDS feed is structured.
I’m unsure why they decided to structure it like that.

Update from me: I downlaoded Komga instead, really happy with Komga and sorting i good in Panels app. Thanks for the input!


Hey @Morty, would you be willing to open an issue on Kavita’s GitHub page (Issues · Kareadita/Kavita · GitHub)? I believe that the Kavita team can address this behavior.