Panels 3 Upgrade from Panels 2


I was looking to upgrade my panels 2 purchase to a panels 3 but the only option I have in the app is to pay full price (22,99€). While in the apple store page I can see an in app purchase “Panels 3 Upgrade

Did you delete this option? Or it’s just a bug?

Thanks again

Hi @Juste_Leblanc

The upgrade option is only available for users who bought Panels 2 within the previous six months of the Panels 3 release.

If you don’t see the option, I assume your purchase was made earlier. If that’s not the case, please contact us at

As a general note, the AppStore page lists all the available purchases, but only those appearing on the app are available to your account. Different versions of the app and different user accounts can have access to different in-app purchases.

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Thanks for your feedback. Indeed I purchased it last year. So I should stay with v2 or wait for the next version.