Panels 3 Beta issue

Hello! I’ve just started trying out Panels 3 Beta because I was waiting for the iCloud Drive integration and it’s amazinggggg! It is exactly what I have been looking for and am excited for the official release. But, I am having a small problem with the Premium Plan. I’ve tried signing up for the monthly subscription. Of course, Apple says it is free because it is from TestFlight, so I can’t purchase it until release. After this, the iCloud and new features all work great! But every 15 minutes or so, the Premium Plan deactivates or something from my account. It doesn’t work to “restore purchases”. I have to keep resigning up for the premium plans. Of course, iCloud Drive and other features don’t work without the subscription, so I only have a little bit for it to work. Is there any way to stop this?

Thank you! Sorry for the long description.

Great to hear you like it.

Testflight apps behaves like that, since it’s a testing environment subscriptions expore much quicker.

I’d suggest you purchase panels 3 instead of Panels+. Panels 3 is an in-app purchase and does not expire.

I hope that helps.

PS: you won’t get charged. Also when Panels3 is finally released, you will need to download the app from the store and purchase “for real”.

That makes sense. Purchasing Panels 3 worked like a charm, thank you! I appreciate it.

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