Panels 3 and iCloud issue

I am aware that iCloud integration is in its infancy, but I have added my iCloud comic folder as a library, and all I see are the titles of my comics and no thumbnails. I try clicking on each title and it flashes DOWNLOADING briefly. I have toggled the thumbnail creation on and off and left it for many days but no titles have downloaded. And this is on a 5G connection.
Please advise.


We are investigating this issue. Can you please install the latest beta? :pray:
It won’t fix it, but it adds remote logs so we can understand what’s going on. Please install it and reproduce the issue multiple times so we get enough logs.

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I tried but it would not let me restore my subscription in the beta

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Testflights builds and AppStore work different. Simply “buy” Panels 3. It won’t charge you anything.

Do I just use it and it automatically sends you reports?

Yes! Thank you! We haven’t received anything yet. But it looks like Crashlytics is being slow today.

We have another user affected by this very same problem. Hopefully, we can get logs from him and/or you, and fix the issue soon.

Thanks for bearing with us. :pray:

@s1d0w did the beta and the latest versions solve the problem?

The other users affected by this issue reported it was fixed for them.

Thank you. It appears to have been fixed.

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I seem to have the same problem. I bought Panels 3 and added my iCloud Folder. It took a while to index all the comics but once it was done I could only see a few thumbnails. Most comics were blank. I don’t know how the app decided which thumbnails to generate as none of the comics were loaded onto my device.

Following this thread I installed Testflight and the beta version from the link above and “purchased” Panels 3. I hope that helps figuring this one out.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

Edit: Something I tried that seems to work: I created a new empty folder in my iCloud drive. I added that folder as a new library. I then moved one subfolder at a time from the old library folder to the new one to force it to process the comics again. I always made sure its done processing the last folder before adding a new one. I’m not done with the whole library yet but for now it looks promising. So maybe its the number of comics to process at once that made it stumble (I have around 1400 in my library).

Hey @klpx - I actually just posted a similar issue to the forums yesterday (“iCloud - Comics only displayed if downloaded on device”).

After looking into why only some of the comics were displayed and others weren’t, I finally figured out that the app was only showing comics that were downloaded from iCloud on my device. Anything that wasn’t stored on my device, but still in my iCloud account did not display. I assumed that it would display all items regardless if they’re in the cloud or on the device. Could that be the same issue you’re seeing? I’m hoping this gets addressed in a future update unless I’m doing something wrong.

Hi @seakake. No, I don’t think that’s the same issue. The comics where it created thumbnails were not on my device. They were only stored in my iCloud drive. It seemed pretty random which comics it processed and which it didn’t. My conclusion is that it somehow was overwhelmed by the amount of comics it had to process. Right now I’m feeding it the comics one folder at a time (see the edit in my previous post) and that seems to work.

I believe the way it works is it downloads every comic from icloud temporarily, scans it, creates a thumbnail and then deletes it from the device. That would at least explain why indexing takes such a long time. By moving the library to a new folder piece by piece the indexing seems to work way better than by feeding it the whole library at once.

This problem seems to occur whenever the app tries to process a folder that contains a subfolder. At least in my case. I will investigate further.

I now reinstalled the app completely from the Appstore and this time it worked without a flaw. All folders and subfolders got processed in the first and only runthrough. Therefore I consider my issue solved.

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