Panels 3.2.0 - “Error Opening File” for iCloud Files

Unable to open files saved on iCloud. Was able to do so in previous version. Encountered “Error opening file” error after update.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have the same issue after I updated to the most recent version yesterday.

Update: Spoke with Dani via Email and updating to the 3.2.1 release on testflight (or the 3.3.0 release) fixed the issue for me

3.2.1 is out and it should solve the issue.

The problem was that the new version of our Unzip library is a bit more pedantic, and wouldn’t handle files with the incorrect extension.
For instance, a RAR compressed file using a CBZ extension. Using the correct extension would fix the issue. But 3.2.1 handles this better allowing incorrect extension and finding the correct extraction method internally.