Panels 2.8.2 No Files Upload

So,I just updated to version 2.8.2 of panels on my IPad and I am unable to upload from files without being premium. Please is this the new normal, cause I really love this app but I can’t do the premium.

Hi @Octopuc
What import method are you using? Free users should be able to import using the Files/iCloud Drive integration.

I’m using the normal import from files method but it keeps saying it requires premium

Ouch! I just reproduced the problem. That is definitely a bug.

Files/iCloud should be free. It looks like the bug is only affecting the menu on the Library. But you should be able to import files from the Content section.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll fix this in the next update.

Thank you so much for looking into it. I really love Panels, it’s super awesome