Panels 2.8.0 beta

Hello everyone!

We are very happy to bring you one of our biggest releases yet. Panels 2.8.0 is packed with new features and bug fixes, we hope you enjoy it. It will be available in a few days and we will appreciate if you can help us testing it.

Here are some highlights:

New iPad library UI

We have adapted iPad UI to feel more iOS 14 and adopted a side bar, leaving even more space for the content and making it easier to navigate.

Multiple remote libraries

In addition to connecting with different importing services, Panels now adds support for remote libraries like Komga or Ubooquity. That means, your can navigate your server’s content from within Panels and only download the files you want to read.


In hand with remote libraries, Panels now supports streaming with OPDS services. You will see a cloud symbol with some waves indicating that comic supports streaming. For those files, Panels will default to stream them and open the comic directly without downloading the file. You still have the option to long-press to download the comic.


As announced last week, we are working with Substack to offer Panels’ users more content. This is the first step of that integration. Substack users will be able to open comics directly into Panels. In future releases, we plan to add much better integration so you will not need to leave Panels to fetch new content.

Much more

We have also fixed many bugs and added smaller features. Please join our beta program. As always, we really appreciate you helping us testing that everything is ready for release.

Let us know what you think!

PS: We are still working on a few bugs!


I’m not finding a way to add my Substack account to Panels in the beta.

Hello @kon_jelly

Substack integration will come into Panels in 2 or more stages.

The first stage (included in Panels 2.8.0) will accept comics coming from the Substack app or website (they will have a dedicated button “Read comic in Panels”).

The second stage, later this year, will allow Panels users to connect to Substack. Once connected, Panels will show current subscriptions keeping them up to date, showing new content when the artists publish it.

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Gotcha. I was able to download the CBZ from Tynion’s release today and opened it in Panels, but they didn’t have a button to do that directly. I’m guessing that’s still coming on their end?

Yes! They need to enable it on their end

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