Panels 2.7.0 beta, available now

We have been working very hard on the next release. We hope you enjoy it.


  • SMB Support! We have added SMB as a new import source, great for LAN storage (i.e. NAS)

  • New library selector! We have created a new screen that shows your full library so it is easier to choose where to import content.

  • You can now have multiple OPDS (Komga/Ubooquity/Calibre…) and SMB servers at the same time.

  • Collections are now created from the Library and can be empty. This will unlock new future improvements. Stay tuned.


  • There is a new UI for importing comics. It is also much easier to create new collections.

  • We’ve fully redesigned the import services screen.

  • OPDS servers now auto-detect the server type and fill the feed path for you for an easier configuration.

  • The progress bar in the reader now matches the reading direction (RTL/LTR).


  • Progress bar now shows correctly for mangas(right to left) in pages detail screen.

  • Fixed a bug in the Double-Page reader preventing from manually selecting the left page of a pair.

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Big cheers for SMB support.

Two SMB suggestions:
Ability to select subfolder as source eg /share/media/comic.
Ability to sort by date - an easy way to select new comics.

Possible bug:
There is no progress indicator. Comics show as 0% all the way while downloading. This might be a very niche issue if it’s related to me using VPN to connect to my home server from the beach.

Keep up the good work.

Hey @pax0707

Thanks for the feedback

There is no progress indicator. Comics show as 0% all the way while downloading.

I just tested this and I’m getting the same problem. We’ll look into this soon. Something must have broken recently.

Ability to select subfolder as source eg /share/media/comic.

You can solve this from the server side if you share that folder separately. It will appear as another volume.
Nevertheless, we are planning to implement this in the future for all the import services.

Ability to sort by date - an easy way to select new comics.

This will also come in the future to all the import services.

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I have found this app and been trying it out lately and it is wonderful, responsive and aesthetically clean.
I would like to get Premium features but after this update I have no possibility of doing so.
Switching languages from Spanish to English didn’t work.

I use an iPhone 6S (iOS 14.7.1) and Panels app ver. 2.7.0
This is what I see with no option/button to choose and activate the payment portal.

Thank you in advance for your help.

how do i get in on this beta thing?

@Kristiandef that happened because we updated our inapp purchases and they usually take some time to get approved and visible. If you try it again, you should be able to become Premium. Please let us know if the problem persists.

@Clay we will publish a new link when/if we need more people. For now we are not accepting any new betatesters and we do not have any beta available to try, version 2.7.0 is the latest and it’s available in the app store. Thank you

@Kristiandef looks like we are having some problems with the in-app purchases. We are in contact with Apple to try to solve it as soon as possible.
Apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully will be fixed in the next few hours.

Looks like it’s fixed already. Let us know if you’re still having issues.