Panels 2.4: Widgets!

We are still polishing a few bits for our next release but we’d like to share a cool new feature for iOS 14 users: widgets!

The first Panels widget will show your last opened comic, although we plan to add more widgets in the future. Here you can see how the small and large widgets look in the home screen.

We hope you like it!

In addition, we are adding a “recently downloaded” section in downloads, which will improve the old inbox flow. We are adding filters and search so managing new imported/dowloaded content will be easier.

Panels 2.4 will be available soon for beta-testers and hopefully before Christmas in the App Store.

Happy reading :books:


I’ve noticed some random hangups when starting Panels from the widget.
Opens to a blank black screen and stays that way till I force close it.
Sent a few crash reports.

My library is about 15-20Gigs most of the time, not sure if related.

Thank you @pax0707
Did you notice it with some scenarios in particular? For example, trying to access from the widget when there is a comic already opened? Or with specially big files/comics?
I tried to replicate this on my end but they seem to open pretty smoothly. Any additional info that you may have will help. Thanks!

Just starting an app from a widget on the side of the home screen on iPad Pro (2018).
Comics were the usual new issues. 50-150Mb CBRs.

I will check the details next time it happens.