Panels 2.4 beta including Recently imported


We have just released Panels 2.4 for our beta testers (remember that you can join here).

This version includes a “Recently imported” section in the Downloads screen that will let you filter comics that are not in a collection and easily add them to it. This should be very useful for those users that miss our old inbox.

Widgets are still not available (later in the week we will publish another version).

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@Comix4Sale @Robert_Arauza_Jr @pax0707 could you give this beta a try and let us know how the new “Recently Imported” feature works for you. We think it might help with your import workflows and is kind of a middle ground solution after we removed the Inbox.

We’re looking forward to get your feedback.

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I like this implementation.
Ability to filter issues not in a collection and select all are what was needed.

Great work guys!

Tried a few imports and all worked fine.
It even imports from files (over SMB) for me now! Not sure if you changed something there or it got fixed n 14.3.


Loving it!

Loving how you can filter out comics in collections.

This is a great solution on keeping everyone happy. Great work guys!

Looking forward to widgets and the reading goals updates!

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Thank you, folks. I’m glad this solution works for you.

We’ve just released a new version with some optimizations and stability fixes.

Our plan is to include the new Widgets in the next beta and probably release 1-2 more this month.

We are planning to release 2.4.0 with the Recently Imported, Widgets, and some other small ones in early January.

Did a few more imports.
Everything working as expected.
Nice and easy workflow.