"Panel View" Manual mode

Really impressed with the “Panel View” mode which is really good at detecting frames, and I understand that it won’t work for some comic/ manga especially if there’re foreground pictures blending with other panels.

So would it be possible to have a “manual mode” for Panel View? Like the user defines the cropping areas and saves them for later reading on pages the Panel view doesn’t work?

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Hey @Sobeit_Huh
Thanks for your kind words.
We have a side project that is a manual panels editor, but it’s still in early stages of development. Our plan was to release it as a companion app for Panels, and allow users to manually select the panels, and also build a crowdsourced database so users work would be useful to others.

This app is not in our roadmap but it’s something we might consider going back to in the future. We are just a tiny team of two developers, and a the moment we are fully focused on adding more features and improving the overall experience of using Panels.

We’ll keep in mind that you’re interested and let you know when we have a private beta.