Pages not loading in the default reading mode

Anyone else experiencing this?

Some pages just refuse to load. Sometimes it’s fixed by re-selecting the page, sometimes just won’t.

This seems to happen when you swipe between pages, and when you tap to move pages it looks like it works.

Hey @Snowtrooper
Are you in iOS15 by any chance? This is the first time we hear about this issue.

I’ve experienced the same behavior and yes it was on iOS 15 for me.

I’m seeing this occasionally on iOS 14. It only seems to happen in manga where there are “joined pages” or page spreads. Panels isn’t doing the joining, the pages are joined or “spreads” in the file.

When I get to a spread, it’s just black. I sometimes have to page back and forth before the big page renders.

Mind sending us a file where you can replicate the issue?

Hi @victor … please check your private messages.

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