Pages are wrongly sorted,even though they’re zipped correctly

I’ve got a .cbr and the sequence of the pages are not correct. I extract the rar and checked the order and names of the JPGs.everything ok. I zipped it and renamed it as .cbz. Same problem. Other readers like chunky or comiczeal show the images in correct sequence.
You can check the original page numbers on the images.

It’s not the first time, but as the comic has 197 pages it’s very unpleasant.



I can try to send the comic to you.

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HI @Japga

Thank you so much for reporting this. I tried to reproduce it by naming pages as they are named in your screenshot and I’m unable to reproduce it.

Having a copy of that file would be really helpful. Please send it to and we’ll try to reproduce it and fix it in the next release.