Option to disable swipe down to close


when reading on a smaller screen of an iPhone and zooming scrolling around the page I feel like this gesture often interferes with two-finger zoom for example and disrupts the reading flow.

Using the X in the menu is fine for returning to the menu I think. Could there be an option to disable the close comic gesture in the reader?

Thanks for making this great app!

Thanks for the feedback @hugenreber

We will look into this and continue tuning that gesture until it works perfectly on every device. We prefer to polish the feature to work better rather than adding a switch to disable because of two main reasons:

  • Allowing users to disable a feature when it’s half broken won’t solve the problem for every user, only to those who disable it. Users who don’t know that you can disable it will continue having a bad experience.
  • Adds more complexity to the interface and the code. Every switchable feature increases the permutations of features exponentially. 2 switchable features create 4 possible configurations. 3 creates 8 possible configurations.

Nonetheless, we much appreciate the feedback and will continue improving it until it works for everyone.

Thank you for the detailed response, that makes sense.

Let me share a video that highlights two things which can maybe be addressed to improve the handling:

First one is that the swipe down to close gesture can sometimes be invoked when using two finger zoom from a zoomed out page. It‘s rare but when I read on the smaller screen first thing I do on every page is zoom in and scroll up so it occurs every now and then.

Second item is that when you are zoomed in and scroll up to the very top it can happen that you close the book since you are already at the top. Maybe the gesture should only work on a fully zoomed out page?