OPDS Streaming Cover & Import Name


after seeing the lifetime option being a thing now I decided to purchase the app and I did set up an Ubooquity server.

While in general everything seems to be working I have two things that are bothering me a bit:

  1. When I stream a comic directly from the server it will appear in the “Reading Now” section, but the cover will be white. This is not an issue with comics that were imported to the device.

  2. The Ubooquity server has the option to display the comic name based on the metadata instead of using the actual file name. I did prefer this so I turned it on.
    When I access the library in Panels (to stream the comic) the server will indeed display the name from the metadata. When copying the file to the phone though / when going to the Import section the original filename will be shown and end up on the device like that.
    I assume that Panels isn’t accessing the metadata of the file, but would it be a possibility to automatically rename the file to the name the app is getting from the server and showing in the library section?

Edit: Additional information to 1:
I just noticed that at least the widget is able to display the cover of the last streamed comic properly

Ended up switching to Kavita since I was running into issues with larger PDF files which Kavita seems to handle much better for me and both of the issues I mentioned here are working just fine with Kavita.