OPDS Read Direction

So I recently got my Kavita library setup with panels using OPDS. Absolutely love this feature as I’ve been gone from panels for a while. My question is, can I set an OPDS library reading direction in its own? I know items saved on the device in its own collection can set the collection reading direction to whatever you want. The only option I see is change the default reading direction for all libraries and I don’t want to do that, nor do I want to manually change the direction for all my managa or comics and vice versa. Just making sure I’m not overlooking something here.

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Sorry for the late reply.

OPDS libraries don’t support many configurations because Panels should act as a mere client, and sorting or content configuration should happen on the server side.
As far as I know, OPDS does not support reading direction, so even if you set it on the server side, OPDS does not provide that info.

Unfortunately, there is no better way than the one you describe for now.

We will think about it and see if we can improve your workflow.